Solutions That

Are Easy To Find!

  • Custom Web Design
  • Business Cards/Brochures
  • Audio/Video Consultation
  • Onsite audio recording

About Us

Red Yetti LLC was originally founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs. With the business changing names from East Texas Web Design, going through it’s own growing pains, and humble beginnings, Red Yetti has become a trust worthy technical solution provider and friend to the it's clientel. In 2010 the company incorporated and became Red Yetti LLC.

A Red Yetti solution is cost effective, easily implemented and maintained, and allows our clients to enhance their business or organization’s visibility and profitability.

At Red Yetti we believe that ensuring our client’s goals has a direct relationship on achieving our own goals. We work with our clients to build a trustworthy and honest relationship while discussing their objectives and providing assistance in accomplishing their goals.

Red Yetti also functions as a resource to educate the clients on how to get more from their solutions, and will assist with reviewing their solution’s performance to their goals. Red Yetti wants to ensure our clients get the most from their solution, not just close the deal.

One of the reasons our clients choose us time after time is because we possess all of these key development capabilities and we integrate them into all of our solutions with honesty,integrity, and trust – something that is hard to find in the world today. Please feel free to contact us for more information and thank you for considering us as your media design and development firm.