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Are Easy To Find!

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The story of the name. Red Yetti?

First let's answer what is a Yetti? A Yetti (Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big goes by many names and spellings) is a legend of a large hairy, brown - sometimes white colored(depending on location), upright walking creature. People have searched for this creature for decades - yet no real eveidence has been produced.

So a Red Yetti would be much easier to find in any location!

Finding honest and trustworthy techincal advice now days is like trying to locate the legendary Yetti. It is cleverly camouflaged in markups, false advice, and lives in the "make money" forrest.

We decided we would be the "Red Yetti" - and easy to find, trustworthy, and honest technology firm. We have no desire to be a legend.