Solutions That

Are Easy To Find!

  • Custom Web Design
  • Business Cards/Brochures
  • Audio/Video Consultation
  • Onsite audio recording

Audio Recording

Red Yetti currently provides live multi-track recordings. We are currently in the design phase of building a multi-track recording studio. We have recorded some great albums in churches, houses, barns, etc.

Red Yetti uses Pro Tools, custom Black Lion Audio modified gear, and top of the line equipment. Whether you need your church worship team recorded or your band wants a live album - we can help you achieve your goals.

You write and sing songs for someone to hear - you have a message. Let Red Yetti assist you on getting your songs heard.

With media outlets like iTunes, Amazon, etc. - it is easier than ever to have your music in front of milions...but you have to have a quality recording first. That's where you call Red Yetti.

Once we understand the scope of your project a proposal will be prepared which will describe the scope of work to be performed, the services we will provide and the payment terms and conditions.